Padd and you

Our business mindset

Even though we believe that having an excellent network, a good choice of products, an extensive range of brands, the optimum store size or competitive prices is the basis for an effective and dynamic business, one thing stands out above all other considerations: our unique business mindset.

At PADD, none of our sales team will greet you with an artificial 'sales-person smile' or a scripted sales patter. There is Tony, Rachel, Laetitia, Yann and other men and women who actually have a name, even a first name, a face, experience, expertise and above all, a passion, which they share with you 100%. It is not uncommon to see them sharing a coffee with a client on the edge of a show ring, visiting a customer in the evening to let them try out a saddle at home, or even billing and cooing with the baby, a horse rider of the future in a romper suit, to leave mum in peace to choose the reins she wants.

At PADD, this is not just a marketing strategy but simply a natural expression of the passion we have for our products. This translates into a thousand and one little actions, all for the benefit of our friends, the customer, be they amateur or professional, show jumpers, eventing or dressage riders, horseball players or trekking enthusiasts from 4 to 77 years old. This is all part of the PADD approach.

And this is what we are proud to share with you.