HORSEWARE, designed for performance

For the story...

It has started in 1985, with the Rambo cover, the brand's original model, designed and tested in Ireland, where the grass is so green ...

This first truly waterproof and breathable rug that made the brand famous around the world. It becomes THE reference for horse rugs.

Today, Horseware is known and recognized for the quality and reliability of its products and continues to improve its models with even more technicality, comfort and practicality. Iconic items such as Rambo or Amigo are present in all the stables.

Always concerned about the well-being of the horse, the rider and the dog, Horseware creates innovative products with a pronounced attention for detail, as the first day!

 "We believe that since we create, we innovate, and through innovation we love to make a difference that matters for you and your horses."

The Rambo range :

Horseware kept Rambo rug on the roof of the factory in Ireland, just for fun, and to test its waterproofness !

The Amigo range :

The rugs are tested for at least one year before being sold. 

The range Leather :

Innovative and original products designed with the same attention to detail and high quality materials, like the first day.

Horse Care range :

The comfort and well-being of the horse have always been the concern of the Horseware.

The dog range :

Like your horse, your dog deserves the best from Horseware.