Politique De Confidentialité

PADD is committed to protect the users’ private life using its website and the privacy of personal information delivered during the search or the purchase of items.


I -  Company and responsibility  

The data are collected by PADD/Formes Equestres SAS with the capital of 6 480 872,43, which is responsible of the data’s processing.

The headquarters are located at 3 Rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 78150 Le Chesnay

RCS PARIS 318 827 003

The company is represented by Pascal GAUTHERIN – data@padd.fr


II - The treatment and the collection of datas

A-     Data’s collection

The personal information provided to us while ordering is used to personalized your experience of browsing in our website, and to ensure a good care of your order, to struggle against fraud, to deliver products, make payment transactions and communicate with you about your orders or to communicate you the PADD Commercial offers, thanks to the banners on the third-party websites (personalized targeting). 

We are using this data for statistical studies. 

During your visits on our website, we can ask you data by surveys, forms, especially while you create your client account.

Any information asked, reported by a star are mandatory. They are necessary to the treatment of your requests. If there is no answer, PADD won’t be able to answer either. The other informations asked, are destined to know you better. Accordingly, they are not compulsory and you are free to not answer.   

During the browsing of our website, datas might be registered through the files “cookies” installed on your terminal, allowing us to propose you personalized offers, adapted to your hobbies. You can refuse the cookies’ installation following the process described below. 


B-      Commercial offers

PADD can address you the commercial offers by email or text messages on your cellphone, if you have accepted it and by postal services or by phone, if you were not opposed to the collection of your data in store.

Furthermore, if you place an order and you did not express your wish to not receive the commercial advertising, nevertheless, we could use you email address to send you commercial offers of similar products to those already ordered.

In case of a PADD commercial offer sent, the PADD sender will be identified and the nature of the commercial offer will be indicated in the subject of the message. At the end of every email message, you have the possibility to unsubscribe by a specific link. 

The collected data are destined for PADD-FORMES EQUESTRES SAS, responsible of the treatment.

Eventually, data could be communicated by a very secured way, to technical partners linked to PADD by a contract for the execution of the outsourced tasks, needed to run your account, for the execution of your orders, to the items ‘delivery and the provision of services, the fight against fraud, for the implementations of payment or for the after sales department.


C- Fight against fraud 

To ensure the payments ‘safety during the transactions on the website, to avoid the fraud and to protect the consumers within the framework of the remote sale, PADD took measures to fight against fraud et can proceed to an automatic treatment of your personal data in purpose to check or have it checked by its subcontractors the orders placed on the website to verify the data’s regularity transmitted during the transaction (partner of payment HiPay).

Since then, if an order doesn’t have all the compulsory guarantees to ensure a safe and true payment, PADD has the right to cancel an order or to ask you additional documents and information to confirm the order.


D - The hosting of your personal data.

PADD is located through different countries but your personal data are hosted only on safe computer server located in France (IT hoster Alterway Makers SAS).

According to the article 34 of the Data Protection Act from January 6th 1978, you dispose of a right of access, of modification, and cancelation of datas about you. To exercise this right, contact us at à data@padd.fr or at PADD – Service Data - 3 Rue du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 78150 Le Chesnay.

At every moment, you can have access and change the information about your details on the website, on the section MY ACCOUNT.


III - Payment safety.

We are committed to ensure the safety of your personal data by restricted procedures in our company. For the data collected on the website, we use a safe protocol (Secure Socket Layer) which guarantees a high level of protection. 

In order to ensure the payments safety, PADD uses the services of certified PCI-DSS providers.

This criterion is a standard of international security whose objectives are to provide data secrecy and integrity of cards carriers, and to secure the cards data protection and transaction.

While you pay your order with credit card, our order taking system is connecting with the system of our payment providers who collect your data and check it to avoid abuses and frauds. The data are hosted on the IT hosters of these payment providers and they are not transmitted on the PADD IT hosters at any time.

So, when you indicate your credit card number, the authorizations searches are automatically transmitted in encrypted form. The authorizations and the data are checked alongside your bank to avoid abuses and frauds.  

During your payment, you have the possibility to save your credit card details to ease your future purchases on the website. These information are registered et secured alongside our providers submitted to the security standard « PCI-DSS » (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). You can look up the list of your registered cards (in hidden search) but also cancel all or only a part of it.

In order to sawing the account during the billing or to credit, after a return, our payment providers keep the banking data associated to the authorization number, the time required to the transaction and for the treatment of potential claims (returns, disputes).


IV - Cookies

Our website is conceived in order to be particularly careful to the needs and expectations of our consumers.  This is why we use cookies to identify you for instance and access to you account, handle your shopping bag, memorize your searches and personalize the commercial offers.

The cookies are issued by ourselves in purpose to get easier your search on our website. They can be issued by our partners to personalized the advertising offer sent to you apart from the website.



A cookie is a little file placed on your computer, mobile phone or digital tablet during the visit of a website or during the viewing of an advertising. Their goal is to collect information about your search on internet, on other websites and to send you personalized services.

The cookies can be modified or consulted only by the issuer.

In your computer, the cookies are handled by your internet browser.

There are different kinds of cookies.


1) The functional cookies, indispensables for the use of a website.

They allow you to use the main features of the PADD website, like the purchase of an item or the access to your account for instance.

By deactivating the use of those cookies, you won’t profit any more of those features.

These cookies do not collect any personal data et the data kept can’t be used for commercial goals.


2) The cookies for the performance of the website.

The cookies of performance allow us to upgrade our website and to find potential technical issues which you may meet.

They allow us to gather data on how you are using the PADD website, especially how many times a page is seen, the number of error messages, the time spent on a page or the number of clic on a specific area of the website.

The information kept cannot be used for commercial goals.

(ex: Google Ananlytics)


3) The targeting cookies and advertising cookies.

Here, these cookies are used to present advertising or to send you information adapted to your hobbies (like the retargeting = the advert displays during your research online apart from our website or email contact- after viewing the products on our website. Ex: criteo)

They are mainly used to limit the amount of time when you see an advert and help to measure the efficiency of an advertising campaign.

The refusal of the advertising cookies has no impact on the use of our website. However, the refusal of the advertising cookies doesn’t lead to the interruption of the ad on our website or on internet. 

This will only display an advert which won’t take in consideration your hobbies or your preferences.

At any moment, you can put an end to the targeting by refusing the advertising cookies in your browser or with the preferences centers of the commercials offered by the partners or in the unsubscribing links in the email messages.

These cookies are third party cookies. They depend mainly on advertising control.


4) The cookies and plug-in from social networks (social buttons)

These social cookies allow to the users to share pages or content through third social networks. Also, they allow to target the advertising offer on the social networks.

Our website uses plug in or social buttons like the Facebook Connect.

The social plug in allow particularly to ease the sharing of pages and contents of the PADD website on the different social platform. They enable for instance to like and to share information which come from our website with your friends on the social networks.

For this purpose, the plug-in use cookies which are able to track the web browsing of the user, but it doesn’t matter that you are a user or not of the launch pad, you are connected or not to a social network during your research on internet. These cookies target the commercial offers on the web platform.

For more information on the utilization of your personal data linked to the social networks, you can read the confidentiality policy of the third party social networks.


5) The cookies and usernames machine for the transaction security.

We inform you that while you place an order, PADD or its providers can placed cookies or collect datas linked to your terminal, including data (technical features) mandatory to the equipments’ acknowledgment (computer, digital tablet or cell phone) for the identification of your equipment aiming at transaction security (prevention against frauds).

The cookies or usernames like “print” are used for this purpose. You are informed of this data collect linked to your terminal to constitute a username machine by a banner at your arrival on the website. By continuing your purchases on the website without setting up the collect of your usernames machines, you accept the data’s collection and the creation of an id.



You have many ways to handle the cookies.

Select via our opt-in / opt-out features: :

My cookie preferences

The configuration of your internet browser.

At every moment, you can choose to deactivate the cookies. Your browser can also be set to report the cookies dropped in your computer and send you a request to know if you accept it or not.

You can accept or refuse the cookies case by case or refuse it once and for all.

We remind you that the configuration can modify your access terms to our services which need the use of cookies.

If your browser is configurated to refuse the cookies, you won’t be able to buy items or enjoy essential features of our website, like the action of keeping products in your shopping bag or receive personalized advices. To administer the cookies accordingly to your expectations, we invite you to set up your browser, taking in account of the aim of the cookies, mentioned above.

This is how to control or to prevent the cookies registration:

The configuration of every browser is different. It is described in the menu “help” of your browser, that will enable you to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies.

You can deactivate the cookies, following the instructions below:

1/ If you use Internet Explorer



2/ If you use Firefox


3/ If you use Safari


4 / If you use Chrome



More information about COOKIES



We are committed for the protection of your private life and we respect the 2 following rules:

We do not associate to your cookies information which allow to identify you personally. In any case, the cookies do not enable to know your address, your birthday, your phone number or any information that can identify you.

We do not provide any personal information to the advertisers, nor to the third party websites who display our adverts based on your hobbies.

If your computer or mobile phone is used by several persons, or if it has several web browsers, it’s possible that the displayed contents to the other users correspond to your preferences. You can modify the settings of your browsers by checking the section “  privacy and security > content settings > cookies.”