Help and Contact

  • My delivery chevron_right
      What is the delivery time?

      Be patient, we are preparing your order...

      As soon as it leaves our facilities, you will receive an e-mail. And for those who would like to track their package, please note the tracking number is indicated in this e-mail and in your account-my orders.

      Usually, it takes 1 or 2 days for the preparation (we don't work on weekends). Add a delivery time of 8 to 21 working days depending on the destination. This gives an average delivery time of 11 to 25 working days depending on destination.

      Of course, during very busy periods (Sales, Christmas, Black Friday...) this delay can be slightly extended.

      How will my order be delivered?

      Not by sleigh but by Colissimo.

      Thanks to its tracking number, you can track your package on the Post Office website.

      Where will my order be delivered ?

      The package will be delivered to the address you have chosen during the order.

      A piece of advice to avoid any delivery incident: be precise and indicate each mandatory field.

      Can I choose the day of my delivery?

      No, you can't! 

      We would like to simplify your life but for technical and logistical reasons, it is not possible to choose the day of delivery.

      I refused my package because it was damaged.

      Your package was damaged and you refused it upon reception, contact us.

      You must imperatively check the condition of your package and its contents in front of the carrier.

      In case of missing products, damages... a precise and detailed note must be indicated on the carrier's form. If this procedure is not respected, no claim will be accepted.

      My package is lost

      Your package has never been delivered, contact us! We will take care of opening an inquiry with the Post Office.

      Please note: the post office investigations can be long (1 to 3 months depending on the destination) ...

      At the end of the investigation, if your package is declared lost, we will contact you: you will have the choice between us reprocessing your order or a refund.

      Your package appears as delivered but you have never received it. You must make a claim to the Post Office.

      When you have your survey number, send it with these other documents: copy of your identity card, a letter on the honor of non-receipt of the package. 

      Upon receipt of this information, we will also open a claim. After the results of the investigation, if your package is declared lost, we will contact you: you will have the choice between us reprocessing your order or a refund.

  • My orders chevron_right
      Is it possible to group 2 orders together?

      If your 2 orders are placed in the same day or the evening before until 8am the next day, it is possible. Contact us specifying the number of the orders to be grouped and the final delivery address.

      After this deadline, for technical and logistical reasons, it is impossible to group 2 orders together.

      Can I add an item to my order?

      For technical and logistic reasons, you cannot add an item to an order.

      But if you have forgotten an item, quickly make a second order that can be grouped with the first one. Please be aware: this is only possible if the first order was placed on the same day or the evening before until 8:00 a.m. the next day.

      Check the conditions in the previous tab: I wish to group 2 orders.

      Where can I find my invoice ?

      The invoice is inside your package, with your order.          

      We advise you to keep it because you will be asked for it in case of exchange in store or to claim the guarantee of a product.

      If you lose it, don't worry, it is also available on the website in « my account », « my invoices ».

      A product is missing in my order

      That's right, it can happen.

      Sometimes there can be a stock error. In this case, the item not shipped is not invoiced, and not debited.

      The missing item is not kept on the order. You will have to select a similar product or re order it later.

      Despite all the care taken with your order, an omission can occur. In this case, please contact us.

  • My payment chevron_right
      How do I pay for my order?

      To validate your payment and confirm your order, you can use your :

      - Credit card

      - American Express

      - Paypal account

      All prices include VAT. Payment is collected at the time of shipment.

      The goods are the property of PADD until payment.

      Reminder: The total amount of the order is tax included. For orders shipped outside the European Union or in French overseas departments and territories, our logistics team will invoice your order Duty Free.

      The amount debited will be exclusive of VAT. 

      Is my credit card payment secure?

      You can pay your orders by credit card in complete security (Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, Amex accepted in France) or by PayPal.

      Payment is made on HiPay Full Service's secure bank servers. This implies that no banking information will be transmitted via the PADD website. Your order will be recorded and validated when your payment is accepted by HiPay Full Service.

      Thanks to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, you can securely transmit the credit card number, the validity date, the name of the card owner (name written on the credit card) and the cryptogram on the back of the card. Your credit card details are encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol and never pass in clear on the network.

      PADD does not have access to your contact information and does not keep it on its servers. This is why your information is requested with each new transaction on our website.

      To validate your payment, cards issued by banks domiciled outside France must be international bank cards.

      When is my payment cashed?

      Whatever your method of payment, it is debited when your order is invoiced, on the day of its shipment.

      If you use deferred debit, the payment will appear at the end of the month.

      Can I pay upon delivery?

      We regret to inform you that we do not accept this payment method.

      What happens if my payment is refused?

      The most common problems encountered are :

      A typing error in one of your credit card numbers

      Exceeding the limit of your authorized payments

      After several invalid tests, it is possible that the payment analysis and control service may have refused your payment. In this case, you must wait several days to renew your payment with the same card.

      If the payment is not confirmed, your order will not be taken into account, no amount will be debited.

      We invite you to contact your bank to identify the problem and to renew your order.

  • My refunds chevron_right
      I don't like one or more items, is it possible to get a refund?

      You have changed your mind or you don't like an item you ordered: no problem!

      You benefit from the "SATISFIED OR REFUNDED" law and at PADD, the delay is 365 days!

      From the reception of your order, you have 365 days to return any new and unused item, whatever the reason. The return request is essential to accept and reimburse the returned products.

      For any return request: contact us.

      The cost of the return is at your charge except if we have committed a mistake.

      When your return is validated, you will receive a return number and can send your package back to the following address:


      PADD NET

      12 Rue Branly

      67501 Haguenau 



      Upon receipt of your package, the returned item will be refunded to the account that was used for payment within a maximum of 14 days.

      The right of return will be accepted only for complete products, in their original packaging, in good condition and with the return form.

      Padd reserves the right to refuse the return of an article returned incomplete, damaged, soiled or misused by the customer.

      Please note that perishable products are not taken back, exchanged or refunded, as well as personalized items with initials or signatures.

      When will I receive my refund?

      You will be payed back within 14 days of receipt of the package or proof of reshipment. 

      Refunds usually appear on your bank account 3 to 4 (working) days after they are activated by our services. If you have a deferred debit card, the refund is made at the end of the current month.

      During Sales, Black Friday or Christmas holidays, the delays may exceptionally be longer.

      How much will I be reimbursed?

      You will be reimbursed the purchase price of the returned product(s).

      Refunds usually appear 3 to 4 (working) days on your bank account after they are activated by our services. If you have a deferred debit card, the refund is made at the end of the current month.

  • My returns and Exchanges chevron_right
      Can I exchange an item or items?

      Good news! With PADD, you have 365 days to exchange any new and unused item

      On the site : You must return the item you do not want and place a new order for the correct item.

      The returned item will be refunded within 14 days of receipt.

      In stores, all you have to do is return the item with its invoice. You can make an exchange or ask for a credit note.

      Please note: Refunds are not possible in stores, only via the website.

      A tip: Before you go, call your store to check the availability of the products you want.

      In all cases, the cost of returning and re-routing the item will be at your expense.

      How do I make an exchange?

      To begin, a reminder of our return conditions:

      Perishable products and underwear are not returnable, not exchangeable. Same for personalized items with initials or signatures.

      The item must be returned new, unused and in its original packaging.

      The cost of returning the item is at your charge.

      Here is how to make your return request :

      - Log in to your account.

      - Go to My Account / My Returns.

      - Select the order and the item by indicating the quantity returned and the reason for return.

      - You will receive an email from our internet service accepting or not your return.

      If your return has been accepted, upon receipt of your package, we will refund the returned item within 14 days.

      The product received is not conform/damaged

      We will refund or exchange defective products that do not correspond to your order. In this case, please contact us.

      We will get back to you as soon as possible to tell you how to proceed.

      The request must be made within 14 working days after delivery. Any claim made after this deadline will not be accepted. The products must be returned intact and with all the elements delivered (accessories, packaging, instructions, etc.).

      Please note that PADD can not refund an item that you have damaged, soiled or returned incomplete.

      If we make a mistake, the return costs are at our charge. We invite you to put the invoice for the return costs in your package. These costs will be reimbursed at the same time as the returned item.

      I want to exchange in store

      Will you travel to France or Switzerland within 365 days of receiving your order? Then the exchange is possible in any of our stores.

      The returned item must not have been worn, washed or damaged and must be in its original packaging.

      You must return the item with its invoice. In the store you can make an exchange.

      Please note: Refunds are not possible in stores, only via the website.

      A tip: Before you go, call your store to check the availability of the products you want.

      In all cases, the return costs of the item will be at your charge.

      List and schedules of stores.

      I returned a package and I have had no news.

      Again, there are several possibilities:

      - We may not have received your package or proof of reshipment.

      - We may not have had time to process your request. Please note, we process refund/exchange requests within a maximum of 14 days.

      In any case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Comment faire une demande de retour sur le site ?

      Pour effectuer votre demande de retour via le site veuillez suivre la procédure suivante :

          - Connectez-vous à votre compte.

          - Rendez-vous sur « Mon compte / Faire un retour ».

          - Sélectionnez la commande puis l’article concerné en renseignant la quantité retournée et le motif de retour.

          - Après avoir validé la quantité et le motif du retour, vous pouvez choisir :

               1. une étiquette prépayée à imprimer et à coller sur le colis (forfait de 6.85€ déduit de votre remboursement).

               2. de payer vous-même votre retour à la poste.

          - Vous recevrez alors un mail avec votre bon de retour à imprimer et à glisser dans le colis et l’étiquette prépayée si vous l’avez choisie.

      À réception de votre colis, nous procéderons au remboursement de l'article retourné.

      Pour tout échange via le site, nous vous invitons à passer une nouvelle commande.

  • My warranty chevron_right
      Is there a warranty on my products?

      It depends on the product. 

      Some products purchased on our website benefit from the manufacturer's warranty. In this case, it is noted on the articles description. 

      To benefit of the product warranty, you must keep the purchase invoice. Beware, for some products, it is necessary to return the warranty certificate or to fill out the warranty form available directly on the website. Otherwise, the warranty will not be validated.

      To know the steps to follow regarding after-sales service, please contact us.

      Warranty procedures

      For any warranty, legal or contractual, the return is made according to the terms of the manufacturer/dealer’s procedures.

      Please note: when you purchase a product under warranty, a warranty coupon will be provided or a warranty form will be available directly on the website. It is essential to return this coupon to the address indicated or to fill out the form via the website. If this procedure is not followed, no warranty will be granted.

      To know the steps to follow, please contact us.

      What do the warranties cover?

      Please be aware, if a problem is caused by negligence, deterioration or misuse, the manufacturer's warranty will be ineffective. In this case, the product may be returned to you in the same state, or repaired upon acceptance and prior payment of a manufacturer’s quote.

      In any event, the manufacturer's warranty and the subscription of an additional warranty does not effect the customer’s statutory rights (in particular the warranty against hidden defects or guarantee of conformity).

  • The products chevron_right
      Is the photo of the product accurate ?

      For the creation of our catalogue, we use images mainly provided by our suppliers.

      However, please note that the illustrations are not contractual. 

      All the information, concerning the color, the size ... of a product are specified in its product description.

      If you have any doubt, please contact us.

  • My loyalty chevron_right
      What is our loyalty program?

      Our PADD loyalty program is valid on internet.

      After 5 purchases (1 purchase = 1 order) with in a 2 year period (excluding discounts, sales and promotions).

      You will benefit on the 6th purchase, a discount of 5% of the total of your previous 5 purchases, automatically deducted on your check out.

      The number of orders per day is unlimited.

      When the loyalty program is activated (after the first order), the amount of the provisional discount will be indicated and updated daily. 

      Need more info, click here.

      How do I know if my discount is today ?

      - If this is your first order on the website, the amount of the discount doesn’t appear.

      When your order will be processed by our logistics team, your internet account will be associated with your loyalty card.

      If this order corresponds to your 6th visit, your discount will be deducted from your total in your basket. Beware, the amount of the purchase must be equal to or greater than the amount of the discount.

      In this case, good surprise! The amount debited will be less than the amount indicated on your order. It will be equal to the total of your order minus the discount.

      For a purchase below the amount of the discount, your discount will be put on hold for your next order.


      - If you have already ordered on the website, you can check the amount of your expected discount in the « My Account » tab.

      At your 6th purchase, the amount of your discount will be automatically deducted from your basket. Please be aware that the amount of the purchase must be equal to or greater than the amount of the discount.

      If your order is less than the amount of the discount, the discount will be put on hold for your next order.

      During the validation of your order, you can postpone the use of your loyalty discount.

      How, easy just check the "no" to the question: "you have a loyalty discount of XX €. Would you like to use it? YES / NO"

  • Promo code chevron_right
      How does the PADD promo code work ?

      It's very simple!

      You receive your promo code by email:

      - Make your shopping by adding products to your basket.

      - When the lines on your shopping list are crossed out and you are satisfied with your basket, enter the promo code in the "My promo code" box and press OK. The offer will be automatically applied to your order (according to the terms of the offer).

      The promotion is strictly personal. The validity of a promo code is limited in time and/or is conditioned by a minimum purchase amount. Finally, a promotion may concern a precise list of products: this commercial offer will be valid according to the available stock on the online shop.

      Purchases made with a promotional code cannot be registered on the PADD loyalty card.

      And this is where the series of "no" starts :

      Only one discount per order, only once per person (same last name, same address), not combinable with any other promotional offer or discount in progress (including deal of the month products), non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-divisible not combinable with PADD gift vouchers, not valid on stands, fairs, competitions and exhibitions.

  • My personal data chevron_right
      Who has access to my personal data?

      Only us!

      All personal information you provide regarding your customer account is treated in the strictest confidence. Nobody outside the PADD company has access to your personal data.

      Why do I have to give my email address and mobile phone number?

      Well, it's useful to contact you quickly!

      In case of a problem with your order, we can easily contact you. Without this information, we can not guarantee the good process of your order.

  • Technical problems chevron_right
      I lost my password

      Don’t worry, reset your password by clicking here.

      A first email will be sent to you to confirming your request. Click on the link in this email and follow the instructions.

      Once your new password has been validated, you will receive an email confirming the update.

      I have changed address

      Whatever your new address is, enter it in the « My Address Book » tab available in « My Account ».

      To avoid any delivery problems, it is important to update your address before validating your next order.

      Nothing to do with cooking!

      « Cookies » record specific information that is stored in the memory of your computer. This information is used to generate website visitor statistics.

      Cookies allow your browser to store and remember your username and password, making it easier for you to log in to your account.

      A message may ask you, if you want to accept cookies. You can of course decline. It is also possible to configure your browser to accept or refuse PADD "cookies" at any time.

      These cookies do not sore any confidential information about you.

  • Customer Service chevron_right
      How to contact the customer service ?

      Our customer service answers to your questions Monday to Friday from 10h to 18h (excepted holidays).

      You will be answered in maximum of 48h (excepted exceptional case).

      Of course, for any inquiry on the weekend, you will receive an answer on Monday.

      Don't hesitate, contact us!

You didn’t find the answer to your question Contact us chevron_right