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  • My delivery

      How long will my order take to arrive ?

      The preparation time is approximately 2 to 3 working days, plus the delivery time, which remains variable depending on the destination.

      This period may be extended during periods of Sale (Winter / Summer) and Christmas (Up to 10 working days).

      How will you send my order ?

      By the Colissimo parcel service. Using So Colissimo makes it possible to track your order.

      What if I am not at home when the item is delivered? Don't worry. Your postman will leave you a missed delivery notification and you can collect your parcel from your local post office! 
      You can also have your order sent to a collection point.

      Be sure to keep the details of your chosen collection point as the PADD teams do not have access to this information. And for even more flexibility your parcels can be delivered to one of our PADD stores!
      There are 59 stores throughout France.

      List of stores and opening hours

      Where will my order be delivered ?

      When you place your order, you can request delivery to your home address, a collection point, one of our stores, or another address of your choice. 

      To contact us, please use this form "Contact us"

      Can I choose the delivery day ?

      Unfortunately, despite the importance that we attach to your order, for technical and logistical reasons you cannot choose the delivery day. 

      My package is lost / I have not had time to go and collect it

      You have 15 days following the missed delivery notification to collect your parcel from the post office.

      If your package is lost in the post please let the delivery service on PADD-HORSETACK.COM know via  the contact form "contact us"
      They will open an investigation with the postal services on your behalf.

      Padd may ask you to provide the documents necessary to carry out this investigation (such as the package tracking number, a copy of your identity card, proof of address, a letter stating that the package was not received, etc.)

      PADD-HORSETACK.COM will keep you informed of the progress of the investigation and will contact you as soon as possible to offer you a choice, either an exchange or a refund (see the exchange/refund section for more information)

      You cannot be reimbursed until this investigation is completed.

      Please be aware that this kind of postal service investigation can take a long time.

      I refused to accept a package because it was damaged

      If your package has been damaged and you have refused to take delivery please inform us using the "Contact" form.

      The recipient must check the condition of packages and their contents in front of the carrier. In the case of missing products, damage etc., accurate and detailed information must be recorded on the delivery note. 

Notify us by email or by fax (+33 (0) 1 69 21 03 61) and confirm the details by registered letter within 48 hours.

If this procedure is not followed no claim can be made.

  • My orders

      I want to combine 2 orders

      If both your orders were placed on the same day or subsequent orders are made by 8.00 a.m. the next day, this is certainly possible. Simply let us know via the contact form "contact us" and send us the order numbers for the items you want to be combined and confirm the final delivery address.

      After this time limit, for technical and logistical reasons, it is impossible to combine two orders.

      Can I add an item to my order?

      For technical and logistical reasons it is unfortunately not possible to add an item to an order.

      However you can place a second order that can be grouped with the first if it was spent in the same day or the evening before the next day 8am.

      See the conditions in the previous tab: I want to combine 2 orders

      Where can I find my invoice ?

      Your invoice will be inside your package. Please keep it carefully as it will be required in case of exchange procedure, refund or guarantee of the product (s).

      Your bill is also available in "My Account" and then "My invoices".

  • My payment

      What are my payment options ?

      All prices include taxes and VAT. Payment is processed when the order is dispatched.

      By bank card

      By American Express

      By PayPal

      All merchandise remains the property of PADD until payment has been made in full.

      Is paying by bank card secure ?

      You can securely pay for your order by bank card on (debit card, Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, and Amex cards accepted in France).

      Payment is carried out through the banks' secure servers.

      This means that none of your banking information is processed via the site.

      Your order will be entered and confirmed as soon as payment has been accepted through the online payment platform.

      Thanks to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, you can send your card number, expiration date, and cardholder name (exactly as it appears on your bank card), as well as the verification code on the back of your card in total security. Your credit card details are encrypted by the SSL protocol and never sent unencrypted over the internet.

      PADD-HORSETACK.COM has no access to these details and does not store them on our servers. That's why we ask you to re-enter your details each time you make a purchase. Cards issued by banks outside of France must be international bank cards.

      When is my payment taken ?

      However you choose to pay, payment is taken only on the day that your order is sent.

      Can I pay upon delivery?

      We regret to inform you that we do not accept this payment method.

      Can I pay in instalments?

      For technical reasons, this service is not currently available on the website.

      What happens if my payment is refused?

      If your payment is declined, it may be a violation of your weekly charge limit or an entry error in one of your credit card numbers.

      The payment analysis and control service may also have declined your payment.

      In this case, your order will not be taken into account. It will be canceled and no amount will be charged.

      We invite you to renew your order and contact your bank to identify any problem.

  • My refunds

      I would like a refund

      If your order is no longer what your require and you want a refund: no problem!

      We have a "SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK" guarantee. You have 14 days from receipt to return the product that you no longer want, no questions asked. You will be responsible for the delivery and return postage charges.

      Only the cost of the products returned will be refunded. To arrange a refund just contact us

      We will give you a return number and you can simply send the package back to:   

      PADD NET
      Lotissement les Floralies
      Rue des Lilas
      67450 Mundolsheim

      Attach a copy of your sales receipt and let us know by letter, sent along with the package, that you wish to claim a refund. This right of return will only be accepted for complete, undamaged products in their original packaging, accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice. Items returned incomplete, damaged or soiled cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.

      When will I receive my refund?

      Refunds for products will be made within 14 days or less from the time we receive the goods.
      Refunds will be made by cheque made out to the customer who placed the order and to the billing address on the order.

      How much will be reimbursed?

      The amount of the refund will be equal to the totality of the sums paid by the Member, ie the purchase price of the product (s) and the possible expenses of delivery.

      Refunds usually appear 3 to 4 days (worked) in your bank account after being engaged by our services EXCEPT for deferred payment cards where it appears at the end of the month.

  • Returns and exchanges

      Can I exchange an item or items?

      It is possible to return or exchange items within 365 days from the day of receipt of your order.

      Exchanges and returns are possible in store after approval of customer service.

      On the site, only returns are possible. For any exchange, thank you to place a new order.

      In all cases, the costs of return and re-routing of the item remain the responsibility of the customer.

      Regarding the returned item, it will be refunded as soon as possible after receipt on our platform. Padd has a period of 14 days to process your return and make the refund.

      Here is the address to return your item:

      PADD NET

      12 rue Branly

      67 501 Haguenau


      For any request for exchange or refund, thank you to contact us via the contact form "contact us".

      How do I exchange an item?

      If an ordered item is not suitable, the buyer can request a return via the site or store.

      For this you just have to contact us via the contact form "contact us".

      Books and DVDs, perishable goods and underwear are not returned or exchanged. The same is true for personalized items with initials or signatures. The item must be returned to us new, unused and in its original packaging.

      Via the site: return your item, it will be refunded. For any exchange, thank you to place a new order.

      We will give you a return number.

      Please attach a copy of your receipt in the package and send it to the following address:

      PADD NET

      12 rue Branly

      67 501 Haguenau


      The costs of return and re-routing are the sole responsibility of the buyer. If our responsibility is committed, we will send you a return slip. No refund for shipping costs incurred will be made.

      In case of error of order or exchange for personal convenience, shipping postage costs remain the responsibility of the customer.

      In store: after approval of the customer service, bring back your article to exchange. If you do not find your happiness, you can request a credit, the refund is only possible on the site.

      The team will have been informed of your visit by the customer service. However, do not hesitate to contact the store to check the availability of the desired item before you move. In case of unavailability, if it is in stock at the supplier, the store can order the item, notify you of his arrival and you reserve it.

      The product received is not the right one or is damaged

      We will refund you or exchange any defective item or items that do not match your order.

      In this case please contact our customer service department using the contact form "contact us".

      We will contact you as soon as possible to tell you what to do. The request must be made within seven working days of delivery. Any claim made after this deadline will not be accepted. Products must be returned in the condition in which you received them with all the materials supplied (accessories, packaging, manuals etc.).

      However, please be aware that PADD cannot issue a refund for any item you have damaged, soiled or returned incomplete.

      If it is our error, we will pay the return postage. We will send you a return slip and the cost of redelivery will be paid by us.

      There is an item missing from my order

      Occasionally items are missing from orders.

      This may be because it was out of stock at our supplier. If this is this case, please check your receipt to make sure you have not been charged for the item.

      If the product should have been included but is missing from your package, despite the care taken by our teams when preparing your order, please contact us by email using the contact form "contact us" and giving your name, order number and phone number so we can contact you.

      I wish to exchange an item in-store

      Si vous avez un magasin Padd près de chez vous, il est possible d’y effectuer un échange ou de demander un avoir après accord du SAV magasins.
      Pour éviter un déplacement inutile, nous vous conseillons de valider cette démarche en précisant par mail le magasin de votre choix.
      Merci d'envoyer votre mail à:
      Vous trouverez la liste de nos 59 magasins en cliquant sur le lien suivant :

      L’équipe sera informée de votre visite.

      Nous vous conseillons de contacter le magasin pour vérifier la disponibilité de l’article souhaité avant de vous déplacer. 

      En magasin, vous pouvez effectuer un échange ou demander un avoir, le remboursement n’est possible que via le site.

      Dans ce cas, merci de nous contacter via le formulaire "contactez-nous".

      I returned a package. I have had no news.

      There are several possibilities:

      • We may have not received your package. Please check, using the package tracking number, to make sure that it has not been lost.
      • We may not have had enough time to process your request. Please note, we process refund and exchange requests approximately every 15 days (which varies depending on the time of year).

      In any case, do not hesitate to "contact us".

  • My warranty

      Do my items come with a warranty?

      Some products purchased on our site benefit from the manufacturer's warranty. This guarantee is indicated on the article sheet.

      To benefit of the product warranty, you are asked to keep the purchase invoice. Beware, for some products, it is necessary that you return the guarantee form filled, directly to the supplier. Otherwise, the warranty will not be guaranteed.

      To know the steps to follow concerning the after-sales service, you can contact us via the form "contact us" while specifying your name, the date of the purchase and the article concerned.

      Warranty procedures

      For any warranty, statutory or contractual, the goods must be returned in accordance with the manufacturer or dealer's procedures. When you buy a product it comes with a warranty card (depending on the item purchased).

      It is essential that you send this card to the address printed on it. If you don't follow this procedure the warranty will not be valid.

      What do the warranties cover?

      Please be aware that any problem with the product which is the result of neglect, damage or misuse will render the manufacturer's warranty invalid.
If this is the case, the product will either be returned to you in its current condition, or repaired following the acceptance and payment of a charge determined by the manufacturer.

In any event, the manufacturer's warranty and the purchase of any additional warranty does not effect the customer's statutory rights (including the warranty against latent defects or guarantee of conformity).

  • My products

      Is the photograph of the product accurate?

      To produce the catalogue PADD uses images provided by its suppliers.

      We do point out that the illustrations are not legally binding: The colour and size, etc. are described in the product title or in the product description.

      If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to write us via the "contact us" form.

  • My loyalty

      What is your loyalty program?

      Valid in store and online, you only need to make five purchases in two years (excluding discounts, sales and promotions).

      On your sixth order (excluding discounts, sales and promotions), you receive a discount of 5% of the total of your previous 5 purchases.

      The loyalty program padd allows its holder to enjoy loyalty benefits, the number of orders per day is unlimited.

      During these online purchases, the buyer must provide his customer number (provided during the creation of the loyalty card).

      With each purchase on the site padd, its projected discount amount will be indicated.

      How do I know if my loyalty discount applies right now?

      -If this is your first order on the site, the amount of the discount does not appear.

      Only when invoiced by our logistics team will your internet account be linked to your loyalty card.

      If this order corresponds to your 6th pass, your rebate will be deducted from your total purchase, only if the amount of the purchase is equal to or greater than the amount of the discount granted.

      In this case, good surprise! The amount debited will be less than the amount indicated on your order. It will be equal to the total of your order minus the amount of your discount.

      If your purchase is less than the amount of the discount, your discount will be carried over to the next purchase or checkout in the store.


      -If you have already placed an order on the site, you can consult your estimated discount via "My account - Loyalty card"

      On your 6th purchase, the amount of your rebate will be deducted automatically from your basket, only if the amount of the purchase equals or exceeds the amount of the rebate granted.

      If your purchase is less than the amount of the discount, your discount will be carried over to the next purchase or checkout in the store.

      During the validation of your order, You can postpone the use of your fidelity discount.

      For this, you just have to validate «no» to the question: «You have a fidelity discount of XX €. Do you want to use it? Yes / No»

  • Promo code

      How does the PADD promo code work ?

      You receive your promo code by email, sms or directly in the store.

      1- Make your shopping by adding products to the basket or make your choice directly in store (according to the conditions of the offer). Coupon codes may be valid with special conditions. The promo is reserved for a particular person and is strictly personal. The validity of a promo code is limited in time and / or is conditioned by a minimum purchase amount. Finally a promotion can concern a precise list of products, this commercial offer will be valid within the limits of the stocks available in store and / or on the on-line shop. Coupon codes can not be combined with any other promotion or discount in progress. Purchases made with a promo code can not be registered on the PADD loyalty card.

      2- In your cart, simply enter this special offer code and click OK. The offer will be automatically applied to your order, the calculation of the reduction will be done instantly. You can also go to the store. During your checkout, specify the promo code you received, we can make you benefit from your offer.

      For information, if your code has already been used on the website or in store, your order will be automatically canceled.

      As a reminder, only one discount, once per person (last name and mailing address).

      One reduction per receipt, not combinable with any other promotional offer or reduction in progress (including destocking products), non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-divisible. Not combinable with Padd gift vouchers.

      Not valid on stands, shows, competitions and exhibitions.

      Valid in store or on

  • My personal information

      Who has access to my personal information?

      All personal information you provide in connection with your customer account is treated in the strictest confidence. In other words, your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party outside PADD.

      Why do I have to give my email address and my mobile phone number?

      We need this information to be able to contact you in case of any problems with your order. If we do not have a valid email address or mobile phone number we cannot guarantee the delivery of the items ordered.

  • Technical problems

      I lost my password

      Lost your password? Don't worry. Simply reset your account password by clicking on "I forgot my password"

      You will receive an email asking you to verify your request. Once your request is verified a new password will be sent by email.

      I have changed address

      You have change your address?

      Please change your contact details in the settings under "My Account" and let us know when you place your next order on PADD-HORSETACK.COM

      What is a Cookie ?

      Cookies are files containing specific information that is stored in memory on your hard drive. This information is used to generate visitor statistics for the site.

      Cookies make it possible for the store to retain your username and password, making it easy to log-in to your customer account.

      A message may ask you if you want to accept cookies. You can, of course, decline. It is also possible to configure your browser to accept or reject cookies from PADD-HORSETACK.COM at any time. We can assure you that these cookies do not contain any confidential information about you and simply make using the site a smoother experience. If you cannot find the answer to your question here just contact us

  • Customer Service - Contact

      How to contact the customer service ?

      Our customer service answer to your questions Monday to Friday from 10h to 18h (Excepted holidays).

      You'll receive an answer in 48h maximum (excepted exceptional case).

      To contact us, thanks to use this form "Contact us"

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